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Biomass pellet fuel production line


Hammer Mill

This hammer mill is widely used in crushing all kinds of crop stalk, cotton firewood, willow, straw, clover, peanuts shells, cotton seed, wood chip and etc. And spare parts of the hammer mill completely adopt quality material, outsourcing parts adopting domestic optimal product, the whole machine’s quality is reliable, long-lived.

Features of Hammer Mill:

  • compact structure, strong and durable design.
  • safe and reliable performance, easy operation.
  • less noise & vibration.
  • high efficiency & low energy consumption.

GHJ series Rotary drum dryer

  • Rotary drum dryer is a equipment used to dry out liquids of wet materials. It is used to reduce or minimize the liquid moisture content in the biomass material(wood, wood chips, sawdust, straw, stalk, etc.). it is handling by bringing it into direct contact with hot gas.
  • The rotary drum dryer is one of the important equipment for processing materials in the charcoal machine production line.
  • Features of Rotary Drum Dryer:
  • 1 Large intensity of drying, high dispersion of the material, all the surface area of particles can be effective drying area.
  • 2. Short drying time.
  • 3. Simple structure, small footprint, easy to build and repair.
  • 4. Large capacity, high thermal efficiency. When drying combined no water, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%.

LGX series ring die machine

  • The pellet machine is an efficient centrifugal biomass/wood/crop straw/stalk pellets making machine which absorbs the quintessence of various pellet machine both at home and abroad. The core part of this pellets machine is the ring die which adopts "double-layer" design and the press rollers are made by abrasion-proof alloy steel.<
  • This pellet machine has good performance with characteristics of unique design, rational structure, lower power consumption, high efficiency, long lifetime.

Advantages of the new LGX integrated ring die machine:

  • High transmission efficiency, high stability and durability.
  • The output is 10%-20% higher than the previous generation equivalent power model.

Counter Flow Cooler

Features of the Cooler:

  • The counter flow cooler adopt countercurrent cooling principle to cool down the pellets wih high temperature and humidity, which avoid pellet cracking by the direct contact between hot pellets and cold airflow. so there is no quick chilling happens and pellet surface cracking can be prevented.
  • Use closed unloader with large inlet area, so the cooling effect is significant.
  • Adopts slide valve or tilting discharge mechanism with smooth and reliable motion, less pellets remain.
  • Low energy consumption, easy to operate.

Packing Process

After the cooling of the wooden pellets in order to avoid moisture, extend the shelf life, the packaging process is necessary.

The pellet packing machine is an automatic biomass pellets packing machine. It is convenient and effective without any labor consumption, saving production costs.


Biomass pellet fuel production line

Brief introduction of biomass pellet fuel

Biomass pellet fuel (also into biomass pellets) is a new type of clean fuel which can be directly burned by grinding, drying and extrusion of agricultural and forestry wastes such as sawdust and straw as raw materials. Biomass particles are the best alternatives to coal, diesel, natural gas and other traditional energy sources.

Choosing our production line of biomass particles, we will provide process design, production line layout, installation and after-sales services, as well as auxiliary equipment and related accessories required by the production line.

Biomass Pellet Fuel Advantage

1. The biomass pellet fuel has a high calorific value, which is about 3900-4800 kcal/kg. The calorific value after carbonization is as high as 7000-8000 kcal/kg.

2. Biomass pellet fuel has high purity and does not contain other impurities which do not produce heat. Its carbon content is 75%-85%, ash content is 3%-6%, water content is 1%-3%, and it absolutely does not contain heat-consuming impurities such as coal gangue and stone, so as to reduce costs for enterprises

3. Biomass pellet fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus, and does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide when burning, so it pollutes the environment less.

4. Ash from burning biomass pellet fuel is a high-grade organic potassium fertilizer, which can be recycled and profitable.