Wood Charcoal Briquette Machine

  • Model: ZBJ50-C
  • Power: 22kw
  • Weight: 750kg
  • Size: 2.7*0.7*1.55m
  • Processing Capacity: 240-300kg/h

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charcoal stick briquette machine

Product introduction

Wood charcoal briquette machine is one of the main equipment for charcoal briquette, which mainly passes qualified sawdust and wood materials or biomass materials (under 5mm in size, 12% moisture) through spirals, high pressure forming cylinders and heating rings.

The machine-made rod is formed under high temperature and high pressure.

wood charcoal briquette machine

Core Components

  • Propeller: Use No. 45 high-carbon steel, weld four layers with wear-resistant electrodes, and spray nickel powder on the outside to enhance wear resistance and high temperature resistance.
  • Forming cylinder: The outer layer is made of carburized No. 45 steel, and the inner layer is made of mold steel containing tungsten alloy, which has abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance.
  • Heating ring: ceramic heating ring is used, which has high thermal efficiency, stability and safety.

wood charcoal briquette machine structure diagram

Product Advantages

  • (1)With a new spiral design, the angle of the propeller can be adjusted to adapt to more materials.
  • (2)The main core components are all heat-treated and tempered to increase wear resistance and hardness.
  • (3)Without any additives, the finished product has high hardness and is not easy to break.

Product Parameter

Parameter of Wood Charcoal Briquette Machine

Model Power(kw) Processing Capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Size(m)
ZBJ50-9 18.5 150-200 550 2.2*0.6*1.3
ZBJ50-10 22 260-340 700 2.4*0.7*1.4
ZBJ50-C 22 240-300 750 2.7*0.7*1.55
ZBJ60-9 22 180-220 650 2.4*0.7*1.35
ZBJ70-9 22 240-280 730 2.4*0.7*1.4
ZBJ80-9 22 240-280 730 2.4*0.7*1.4

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