Double Shaft Shredder

  • Model: 600 / 1000
  • Power: 30kw / 60kw
  • Weight: 2.5tons / 5tons
  • Size: 2.6*2.*1.9m /3*2*1.5m
  • Processing Capacity: 2-3t/h / 5-6t/h

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double shaft shredder

Product Introduction

Double shaft shredder is one of the main equipments in the crushing raw mateials in the charcoal making production process, which is used in the wood chip production and export bases of paper mills, particleboard mills, and fiberboard mills.,through cutting, tearing and extrusion to achieve the purpose of processing the size of the material. It has wide applicability and can process wood, scrap steel, rubber, plastic, waste paper and other materials. Double shaft shredder can be called “universal shredder”.

double shaft shredder

double shaft shredder

Working Principle

When the double shaft shredder is working, the material is fed into the hopper through the conveyor or lifting equipment. The material is cut, torn and squeezed by the equipment to achieve the purpose of processing the size of the material.

The size of the finished product can be controlled according to the arrangement of the cutters. Different knives can be customized according to customer requirements, which have the characteristics of strong flexibility.

Core Components

  • Tool box: thick steel plate to ensure its sturdiness and durability.
  • Reducer: snail, square box three axis, square box four axis.
  • Spindle: No. 45 steel is thickened and quenched and tempered.

Product Advantages

  • (1)The main body of the double-shaft shredder is integrally processed and welded with high-quality steel plates, with high stability.
  • (2)The movable knife material adopts special special alloy tool steel (H13) to ensure cutting performance and service life.
  • (3)The cutter shaft is processed and refined with high-strength and heavy-duty special steel, which is more reasonably matched with the cutter to provide a strong guarantee for cutting and shredding.
  • (4)The thickness of the cutter and the number of claws of the double-shaft shredder can be changed according to different materials.
  • (5)Low speed, low noise, no dust and environmental protection.

Product Parameter

Parameter of Double Shaft Shredder

Model Power  Processing Capacity( t/h ) Weight( t ) Knife Diameter ( mm ) Size( m )
600 15KW*2 2-3 2.5 220 2.6*2.*1.9
800 18.5KW*2 3-5 3 260 2.6*2.*1.9
1000 30KW*2 5-6 5 300 3*2*1.5
1200 45KW*2 6-8 6 400 3.2*2*1.9
1400 55KW*2 8-12 12 500 4*3*2.4
1600 90KW*2 12-16 14 600 5*3*2.4
1800 132KW*2 16-20 22 800 6*3.5*2.4
2000 250KW*2 20-25 28 1000 7*7*4.5

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