Production materials and methods of biochar

Most of the raw materials with biomass energy are suitable for the production of biochar. At present, the commonly used raw materials for the production of biochar are divided into plant straw residues, animal manure and sludge. The application of biomass energy resources of these wastes has great prospects.

What is the value of Biochar?

Biochar is a product obtained after thermal cracking of biomass raw materials, and its main component is carbon molecules. Biochar is charcoal that acts as a soil conditioner, helps plants grow, has applications in agriculture, and is used for carbon capture and storage, unlike traditional charcoal used for fuel.

Biochar Production Equipment-Continuous Biomass Pyrolysis Machine

Olten®continuous biomass pyrolysis machine is the main biochar production equipment. It can process various biomass raw materials to obtain biochar. In recent years, with the development of environmental protection, the market demand for biochar is increasing.

Pyrolysis Plant-Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Machine For Sale

Waste plastic pyrolysis machine is a machine that can convert waste plastic into fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas. Because the whole operation process of waste plastic pyrolysis machine conforms to environmental protection standards.

plastic pyrolysis machine

Pyrolysis Plant – The New Biomass Pyrolysis Machine

Olten® biomass pyrolysis machine is suitable for all types of biomass pyrolysis in wood form and can logs, sawdust, wood chips, bamboo, coconut husks, rice husks, crop straw and many other products are converted into high-value resources.

Shisha Charcoal

Shisha has become very popular in the Middle East, Europe and the United States in recent years. It is called "Hookah" in the United Kingdom and the United States, and "Shisha" in European countries.