Hoisting Carbonization Furnace

  • Model: QHL-4
  • Power: 7.7kw
  • Weight: 15.8tons
  • Size: 12*2*2.2m
  • Processing Capacity: 6-8t/d

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hoisting carbonization furnace

Product introduction

Hoisting carbonization furnace is widely used in various fields of charcoal processing and production.It is an environmentally friendly and smokeless carbonization equipment and is one of the important equipment for charcoal making production.

Hoisting carbonization furnace is separated from the combustion chamber, and a movably installed carbonization liner is used. One furnace body is equipped with three carbonization liners to achieve continuous operation.

Hoisting carbonization furnace can carbonize the machine-made rods produced by the charcoal machine, and can also directly carbonize raw wood, wood blocks, tree bark, coconut shell, logs, wood blocks, tree bark and other raw materials.

hoisting carbonization furnace

hoisting carbonization furnace

Working principle

When hoisting carbonization furnace is working, put the materials that need to be carbonized into the inner furnace and hoist them into the outer furnace; after sealing, conduct anaerobic heating and pyrolyze into combustible gas, tar and carbon through moisture removal;

The gas produced in the process passes through The flue gas purification device is used to achieve smokeless emission; the combustible gas is collected and burned at the bottom of the furnace body to be used as a subsequent heat source.

hoisting carbonization furnace structure diagram

hoisting carbonization furnace structure diagram

Core Components

  • Hoisting device: national standard channel steel, electric hoist.
  • Outer furnace and inner tank: thick steel plate, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance.
  • Insulation layer: high-aluminum insulation bricks with good insulation performance.
  • New type of purification and flue gas recovery: thick steel plate, spray device inside, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Product Advantages

  • (1)The three inner furnaces can be used cyclically, which can be continuous.
  • (2)The inner furnace has a large volume, and can be loaded with 1.5 tons-2 tons of machine-made rods at a time.
  • (3)The carbonization cycle is short, once every 8 hours, and the output is high.
  • (4)The new five-stage purification device, leading the industry, can be environmentally friendly and smoke-free.
  • (5)Combustible gas recovery device saves fuel.
  • (6)There are various heat sources, such as wood, coal, and natural gas.

Product Parameter

Parameter of Hoisting Carbonization Furnace

Model Power( kw ) Processing Capacity( t/d ) Weight( t ) Inner furnace volume Size(m)
QHL-1 Fan:1.5kw

Hoisting device:0.75kw

1.5-2.1 4.1 2.65*3 3*2*2.2
QHL-2 Fan:2.2kw

Hoisting device:3.7kw

3-4 8.2 2.65*6 6*2*2.2
QHL-3 Fan:3kw

Hoisting device:3.7kw

4-6 12.3 2.65*9 9*2*2.2
QHL-4 Fan:4kw

Hoisting device:3.7kw

6-8 15.8 2.65*12 12*2*2.2

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