Charcoal Ball Briquette Machine

  • Model: 290 / 360
  • Power: 7.5kw / 11kw
  • Weight: 800kg / 1000kg
  • Size: 1230*980*1400mm / 1400*1210*1700mm
  • Processing Capacity: 1-3t/h /4-6t/h

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charcoal ball briquette machine

Product introduction

Charcoal ball briquette machine is one of the main equipment for charcoal briquette , can device presses powdery and granular materials into molding.
Charcoal ball briquette machine can press various charcoal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials to shape them. At present, the equipment has been widely used in refractory materials, power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating and other industries.

charcoal ball briquette machine

Working principle

When charcoal ball briquette machine is working, the material mixed with the adhesive enters the ball press machine, and the material rotates with the pressure roller in the ball mold on the pressure roller. Under the action of huge pressure, the material is pressed into a ball shape from powder.

charcoal ball briquette machine structure diagram

Core Components

  • Shell: thickened carbon steel to ensure its stability and durability.
  • Pressure roller: It is made of 65 manganese steel after heat treatment, which has good model resistance and durability.
  • Spindle: Heat-treated No. 45 steel.
  • Transmission gear: Forged parts are used, with high hardness, good stability and not easy to break.

Product Advantages

  • (1)The pressure is high, the ball formation rate is high, the power consumption is small, and the structure is compact, which is convenient for maintenance and debugging.
  • (2)It can work continuously, large output, long life, stable performance, stable and durable.
  • (3)Different shape molds can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Parameter

Parameter of Charcoal Ball Briquette Machine

Model Power Processing Capacity  Weight Size
290 7.5kw 1-3t/h 800kg 1230*980*1400mm
360 11kw 4-6t/h 1000kg 1400*1210*1700mm

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