Air Dryer

  • Model: HJ-4
  • Power: 4kw
  • Weight: 1000kg
  • Size: 2.32*1.42*1.43m
  • Processing Capacity: 300-400kg/h

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air dryer

Product introduction

Air dryer is is one of the main equipments in the drying process in the charcoal making production process, with direct heating, fast drying, foldable installation, and space saving.

Air  dryer is to make the wet raw materials and the high temperature airflow fully contact in the pipeline to achieve the drying effect.

Air dryer is an ideal equipment for drying powdery and flake materials in agriculture, food, medicine, chemical, engineering and other industries.

air dryer

air dryer

Working principle

When the air dryer is working, the fire box is heated to generate hot air. The moist material passes through the inlet, and enters the pipeline together with the hot air flow under the action of the high-pressure fan. The hot air is in full contact with the wet material, and then it is transported back and forth through the pipeline. So as to realize the drying of materials.

air dryer structure diagram

air dryer structure diagram

Core Components

  • Fire box: thickened high temperature resistant steel plate is used on the outside to ensure its durability; internally built with refractory insulation bricks (high alumina bricks) to ensure its thermal insulation.
  • Pipes and Shakron: thick seamless round steel, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, durable.

Product Advantages

  • (1)Wide application range, low price, low maintenance cost, suitable for small-scale self-employed investment.
  • (2)The fire source is diversified, and it can use firewood, coal, gas, etc.; the stove has a reasonable design, high thermal insulation, and high drying effect.
  • (3)Can be folded and installed, easy to operate, save space, and occupy a small area.

Product Parameter

Parameter of Air Dryer

Model Power(kw) Processing Capacity(kg/h) Weigh(kg) Size(m) Total Length(m)
HJ-4 4 300-400 1000 1.52*1.22*0.98+


HJ-6 4 400-500 1500 1.45*1.22*0.98+


HJ-8 11+1.5+0.75 600-800 2800 12*2.5*3.5 11.4

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