Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

  • Model: WSC150-1 / WSC150-2
  • Power: 1.5kw / 1.5kw
  • Weight: 4.6tons / 5.6tons
  • Processing Capacity: 0.8-1t/d / 1-1.5t/d

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horizontal carbonization furnace

Product introduction

Horizontal carbonization furnace is an environmentally friendly and smokeless carbonization equipment.It is one of the important equipment for charcoal making production.

The furnace tank adopts the method of laying flat, using internal heat circulation type heating, heating and decomposing in an oxygen-free state, and finally achieving the purpose of carbonization.

It can directly carbonize raw wood, wood block, branch bark, coconut shell, log, wood block, branch bark and other raw materials.

horizontal carbonization furnace

horizontal carbonization furnace

Working principle

When horizontal carbonization furnace is working, put the materials that meet the requirements (size less than 20cm, moisture content less than 20%) into the carbonization basket, and then be fed into the carbonization furnace by the kiln car; after the furnace door is sealed, conduct anaerobic heating and pass Dehumidification is pyrolyzed into combustible gas, tar and carbon;

The gas produced in this process is processed by the flue gas purification device to achieve smokeless emission; the combustible gas is collected and passed to the bottom of the furnace as a subsequent heat source.

horizontal carbonization furnace structure diagram

horizontal carbonization furnace structure diagram

Core Components

  • Shell: thickened carbon steel. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and no deformation.
  • Liner: Q245r boiler steel plate, high temperature resistance, high heat preservation.
  • Insulation layer: high-aluminum refractory insulation brick, flame-retardant insulation cotton. High temperature resistance and good heat preservation.
  • Purification and flue gas recovery device: thickened carbon steel. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and no deformation.

Product Advantages

  • (1)The furnace body is designed in three layers, and the furnace door is made of thickened material, which is not deformed. The furnace door is equipped with flame-retardant thermal insulation cotton and asbestos packing is installed at the joints, which has good airtightness, good thermal insulation and fuel saving.
  • (2)Advanced flue gas purification and recovery device saves fuel and is pollution-free.
  • (3)The design of the kiln car saves labor and is convenient to operate compared to the hoisting carbonization furnace.
  • (4)There are various heating methods, such as wood, coal, and natural gas.
  • (5)The heating area is large, the internal temperature is high, and the carbonized product has a good effect.

Product Parameter

Parameter of Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

Model Processing Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Weight(t) Inner furnace diameter Furnace internal volume
WSC150-1 0.8-1 1.5 4.6 1.5*3m 5.3cbm
WSC150-2 1-1.5 1.5 5.6 1.5*4.5m 8cbm

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