Charcoal Ball Briquette Production Line

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charcoal ball briquette production line

Charcoal ball briquette production line

1.Advantages of charcoal

Long burning time, high calorific value, no smoke, no explosion, environmental protection and economy.

2.Applicable fields of charcoal

Charcoal can be used for domestic combustion, boilers, barbecues, fireplace heating, power plants and other aspects.

In addition, due to its unique microporous structure and super adsorption capacity, it is widely used in many fields such as food, pharmacy, chemical industry, metallurgy, national defense, agriculture and environmental protection.

3.Working principle of carbonization

The carbon-containing biomass materials are subjected to dry distillation and oxygen-free heating, and are pyrolyzed into combustible gas, tar and charcoal through moisture removal.

Flammable gas can be collected and used as fuel.

Tar can be used after separation and purification.

Note: In summary, the working principle of carbonization is the same, but according to different materials, different finished product requirements and output requirements, the selected equipment is also different. To be engaged in the carbonization industry, it is particularly important to choose suitable carbonization equipment.

4.Charcoal ball briquette production line raw materials

Charcoal ball briquette production line has a wide range of raw materials,such as wood logs, bamboo, coconut shells, palm shells, wood chips, rice husks, nut shells, walnut shells and various biomass raw materials.

5.Charcoal ball briquette production line products

charcoa ball briquette products

6.Charcoal ball briquette production line process flow

Production process: Crushing→Dryer→Carbonization→Re-crushing→Mixing →Forming

Production line equipment matching: Integrated Crusher→Rotary Drum Dryer→Continuous carbonization furnace→Hammer mill→Wheel mill mixer→Adhesive mixing barrel→Charcoal ball briquette machine→Mesh belt dryer

charcoal ball briquette production line

7.Charcoal ball briquette production line product description

A.Integrated Crusher is a large-scale wood crushing equipment for crushing branches, tree roots, templates, wooden pallets, waste furniture, nailed wood and other materials.

B.Rotary drum dryer is one of the traditional drying equipment, which is reliable in operation, flexible in operation, strong in adaptability, and large in processing capacity. The diameter and length of the equipment are determined according to the drying requirements.

C.Continuous carbonization furnace is a new type of carbon powder carbonization machine that feeds in raw materials and discharges finished carbon. It belongs to the external heating type drying and carbonization integrated machine.

D.Hammer mill is a fine crushing equipment that can process all kinds of wood, wood scraps, branches, branches, wood chips, board trim, bark, bamboo, bamboo bark and other raw materials into sawdust at one time.

E.Wheel mill mixer is a model that combines wheel milling and mixing designed according to the advantages of the latest foreign wheel milling and mixing equipment. Suitable for mixing powder and granular materials, such as carbon powder, coal powder, clay, refractory mud, tailing sand, slag, molding sand, etc.

F.Adhesive mixing barrel is driven by the motor triangle belt to drive the impeller to rotate, and the water and the binder are fully mixed uniformly. It is a necessary device to increase the reaction time of the agent and strengthen the reaction quality of the material.

G.Charcoal ball briquette machine is a device that presses powdery and granular materials into molding. It can press various mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder and other materials to shape them.

H.Mesh belt dryer uses hot air as the drying medium, and the hot air is sent to the dryer through the induced draft fan to dry the materials; the processed materials are turned over in the dryer through a multi-layer cycle, and the hot air passes through from bottom to top The mesh belt and material layer are dried layer by layer to achieve the purpose of drying.

charcoal ball briquette production line product description

8.Can provide free production line design

When you plan to configure a carbonization production line, please let us know your details.

These materials include:

  • Raw material type, size, moisture
  • Plant size
  • Transformer capacity
  • Type and size of finished product
  • Demand for output
  • As detailed as possible, the best, in order to customize your own carbonization production line equipment, and we will provide you with 3D site planning diagrams for free.

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