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How to eliminate the shredder motor failure

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1. The work of the motor department checks whether the motor bearing is excessively worn or poorly assembled, causing the stator and rotor to rub, causing damage to the surface of the iron core, which in turn causes short circuit between the silicon steel sheets, and the iron loss of the motor increases, causing the temperature rise of the motor to be too high. At this time, the tool is used to remove the burr, the silicon steel sheet is short-circuited, the insulating paint is applied after cleaning, and the heating is dried.

2. When working at high temperature, check the loose connection between the motor core and the base, and tighten the original set screw. If the positioning screw fails, re-drill the positioning hole on the base and tap the wire to tighten the set screw. The bearing fault repair shaft is rotated by the bearing support, which is a heavy load part and a component that is easy to wear.