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Process Flow and equipment of biomass pellet fuel

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The process of producing biomass pellet fuel needs to be customized according to the specific situation of each customer, and the required equipment needs to be configured according to the specific situation.


The reason why this happens is that the raw materials of each customer are different and the processing technology is naturally different. Of course, there is no rule to follow. Let me briefly talk about it below.

The requirements for the production of biomass particles, the moisture of raw materials is controlled at about 15%, and the size is controlled below 12mm. If this standard is not met, it needs to be treated with equipment to this standard.


Complete process flow



The equipment used accordingly has

Crusher-crusher-dryer-roller screen-pellet machine-cooling machine-Packaging Machine

As well as some of its auxiliary equipment, such as belt conveyor, bucket lifting machine, shakelon, dust collector, fan, silo and so on.


Simple process


Equipment used, particle machine, belt conveyor, packaging machine.


If your raw material is corn straw and fresh branches need to use the more complicated process in front of you, if your raw material is dry sawdust and rice husks, then the simple process behind can be completely satisfied.


Although the process equipment is different, under the same output, the investment of simple equipment is small and the profit is high.