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Rotary dryer is a simple and reliable drying machine which can dry many kinds of materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mineral industry because of its reliable operation, strong adaptability and large processing capacity. It is widely used. Deeply loved by users. In order to make the dryer safer to use, the following maintenance work should be done:


1. Before working, check all moving parts, bearing, conveyor belt and triangle belt for damage or damage, and timely repair or replacement of inappropriate parts.


2. Lubrication maintenance, hot air blower every 100 hours, cold air blower every 400 hours to add lubricant. The motor works 1000 hours, and the butter is maintained and replaced. The bearing of hoist and conveyor is maintained with lubricating oil in every shift.


3. Maintenance of vulnerable parts: bearings, bearing seat, lifting bucket, lifting bucket screw is easy to loosen, frequent maintenance. Conveyor bearing and belt connection buckle should be checked and replaced frequently. Electrical appliances and moving parts should be regularly repaired. Pay attention to safety in overhaul of tower top.

4. Seasonal replacement and maintenance, each season of work to maintain the dryer, dryer should clean up the internal air duct debris, hoist should loosen tension wire, fan should clean up the wind blade adhesives, hot stove exchanger should clean up the settling pool ash, and one by one clean up the pipelines. Speed-regulating motor speed-regulating meter back to zero standby.


 5. If the rotary dryer is working outdoors, it must take appropriate measures to prevent rain and snow. The whole dryer needs to be maintained and repaired on a large scale every year, and spray paint protection every two years.